Authentic Light Embodiment Community
Authentic Light Embodiment Community
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Welcome to Authentic Light Embodiment Community

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Fiona and I would like to welcome you to the Authentic Light Embodiment Community and Temple. Inside you'll find positive and inspiring posts on a number of topics, including embodying your authentic self and aligning to not just your unique energy, but all the energies that surround us.

There will be live discussions, engaging topics, events, and future collaborations. This community will grow along with you.

The temple part isn't about religion or spirituality - it's about oneness and interconnectedness and rising up as the feminine divine. It's about all of us sensitive, soul-led leaders embracing our authentic selves and helping each other rise through our gifts, wisdom, and personal empowerment.

You'll fit right in if you're an awakened, soul-led, heart-centered, sensitive woman, or identify as a highly sensitive person, introvert, empath, lightworker, or if you're feeling called into presence and remembrance but maybe don't really understand why.

You'll also fit right in if you often feel you don't belong, if gathering with women actually feels a bit too vulnerable, and if you find it difficult to express who you really are.

This is a safe container. We hope you'll feel welcome, supported, and witnessed.

You can count on us to be fully present with you while helping you to see your highest truth.

Beautiful Ways You'll Benefit:

~curate new practices into your days

~find positivity, inspiration, and motivation

~become more intentional in creating time and space for YOU

~be witnessed, held, heard, and supported

~find solace in the company of like-minded individuals

~bathe in your worthiness

~connect more deeply to your soul's callings

~give and receive love, compassion, and kindness

Why You Should Join

Being in a sacred space and community is vital to your inner growth and overall well-being. 

As a member each month you'll receive a guidebook with exercises, practices, prompts, and/or visualizations around the theme for that month. There will be several live discussions throughout the month, and you'll also be invited to attend the Monthly Authentic Light Embodiment Temple. (there may end up being more than one)

What You'll Find

Embodiment. Community. Connection. Inspiration. Positivity. Temple. Collaborative Leadership.

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